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Strengthening our Vision: A New Tagline

There was a moment this week that I realized I was chasing some things that weren’t me, and letting them matter when they shouldn’t. I want to start sharing some of the goals and visions we have for this business (and our lives) because it keeps it accountable and I strongly believe in what you put out is what you get back, so let’s start putting out what we want in this life. Today it’s about our dream clients. One […]

2015 Favourites

Wow, what a great year! So awesome that I can’t wait for 2016. I went from Vancouver island to Alberta, from Vancouver to Kamloops and plenty here in Langley. From family portraits to boudior, from elopement style weddings to ceremonies with a could hundred people. I love the variety and am excited to see what the next year plays out! I have new services (boudoir especially) and this new branding you may notice my site has merged into. So enjoy some […]

First Trip to Whistler! [Personal Photography]

Recently I finally managed to go to Whistler for the first time! I mean I was born and raised in the lower mainland! But, because once I was kind of out on my own and had moved to Victoria, Whistler was just always “there” for “one day”. So my friend Ryan and I trekked up there for a visit to just take a little look around. It was such a perfect time to go where the end of fall is […]

Jasper & Banff [Personal Photography]

At the beginning of October I fulfilled one of my bucket list items and did a round trip to Jasper and Banff. The scenery was amazing and I’m so glad I got to experience this trip with my two favourite girls: my mommy and my dachshund. :) Although the trip wasn’t a big one, we trekked up to our family cabin (about 30 minutes from Sun Peaks) for a night, then headed over to Jasper for one night, down to […]

Courtney & Justin’s Wedding at Maple Grove Guesthouse in Duncan

I met Justin and Courtney last September (2014) when we had done their engagement session. Although they had already booked me for their big day this was my first chance really getting to know them and we had a blast! So when a year later their wedding came around I was stoked to head over to the gorgeous Maple Grove Guesthouse on the island back in September of this year. Their wedding was full of so much love, friendship and […]

Sandy & Graeme’s Buntzen Lake & Langley Wedding

I met Sandy and Graeme just a couple months ago before their wedding with their *almost* brand new little baby girl and other little girl in tow. They were planning a bit of a widespread wedding with a morning wedding at the beautiful Buntzen Lake and then reception out in Walnut Grove at the West Langley Hall. I often hike out at Buntzen so I was stoked to be able to actually photograph a wedding at the beautiful spot! Although […]

Our First Trip

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