Paint Splatter? Victoria Portrait Photography

I love doing regular, casual portrait sessions out in the beautiful city we live in, but sometimes I like to keep it fresh and do something a little different. I came up with this concept back in the summer and shared it with April since she’s my go-to girl for any out of the ordinary ideas. She was on board right away and we kept having to postpone it due to busy lives and conflicting schedules. FINALLY we were able to do the concept at my home the other night.

April I set up up a few sheets on the floor and went nuts throwing paint on the wall! For a moment I felt a little bit like Jackson Pollock, except with a bit more vibrant colour! This was also a good opportunity to do something indoors with a bit of lighting. Although April got the pleasure of being covered in cold, gooey kids paint, I do believe I had more fun being able to throw the paint on her! I do apologize that I managed to get some in her mouth if you look at the blue strip across her face… Good thing it was kids and non toxic.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I love doing new concepts like this, so even if you want to include something different in your portrait session, let me know! I often allow for extra time and options in exchange for the chance to mix it up a little.

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