A Personal Summer Session [Fraser Valley Photographers]

One of the many things I always believe in is practicing what you preach and sometimes as photographers we get caught up in the season and forget to capture our own moments. Especially with Ryan and I getting married next year, I want to celebrate this exciting time in our life and really showcase who we are and what we value. We love great light, each other and wandering grassy fields, mountaintops or forests. So although we haven’t done our official engagement session (which is going to be in the fall) we met up with Samantha Jeanine to do some summer photos of just the two of us – no furkids allow!

This was back in late August when the smokey skies were still sticking around, but all I can remember is the joking around we did, some twirly moments, the love we have for each other and wearing the wrong shoes. Seriously, when it comes to engagement sessions – very few photos are of your feet, wear something you like but also feel comfortable in. Thanks again to Samantha and hope this gives you a little insight to our love and how much we are sharing the SAME journey down the aisle our couples are. It really does help us be better wedding photographers.

Stef & Ryan 



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